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Price: 14.95 USD (Buy Now)

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Publisher: HeroCraft HiTech

OS Support: Symbian

License: Shareware

Date added: 14 Apr 2008

Last Update: 08 Feb 2006

Downloads: Total: 1,574

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Publisher's description

Battle Cake is a new arcade action multiplayer game for mobile devices.

Strange things are going on in Caketown seems like everybody has gone crazy. All the citizens want to do is to throw cakes at anything and everything that moves. Perhaps, it s somehow related to a UFO that was recently seen not far from the Caketown Space Station. Or maybe it s because of a Voodoo shaman who lives on the town beach. Or perhaps the culprit is the mayor, who keeps passing strange laws. That s what one of the eight characters has to find out one of the only eight people in town who did not go crazy. The only way to do that is to throw cakes at enemies. Cakes and bonuses appear regularly on tables, so all you have to do is to approach a cake (so you face it) and your alter ego will quickly grab it. Right after that, try to dodge all the cakes enemies will throw at you, get close to one of the enemies and throw a cake right in the face of your opponent. There won t be any time relax or daydream, because the enemies will try to do same to you. And here is one very cool thing if you get tired of fighting Artificial Intelligence opponents, you can play against one or several of your friends. Prove them that the cake is mightier than sword! To throw cake - or not to throw... it is not question! Of course, throw!!! Battle Cake features: * Simple and intuitive gameplay defend yourself, grab a cake and attack! * 8 characters to choose from, 15 opponents, 5 huge bosses and one SUPER BOSS! * 5 bonuses that make life easier for player or opponents. * 5 worlds united by a single storyline. * Two single game modes Campaign and Survival. * Three multiplayer game modes Capture The Flag, Team play and classical Deathmatch. * Multiplayer mode up to 4 human players can play through Bluetooth (different smartphone and PDA models supported). * 21 levels for a single player game and 25 levels for multiplayer game and 7 dedicated maps for CTF. * Tons of fun and pleasures for your and your buddies!

Version History

Version 1.0 added on: 08-02-2006

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